Homeless group downtown begins to swell

The group calling itself Right to Dream Too swelled to nearly sixteen tents overnight. With winter nearing, according to the group, they are setting up a place to rest. The group says they are trying to establish a safe and stable place for people experiencing homelessness in Portland.

According to the City of Portland/Multnomah County 2011 homeless count, 2,727 people who were “literally homeless” – sleeping in an emergency shelter, vouchered into a motel, or unsheltered – on the night of January 26.

This number includes 1,718 people who were unsheltered (sleeping outside, in a vehicle, or abandoned building) and 1,009 people who were sleeping in an emergency shelter or vouchered into a motel. An additional 1,928 people were sleeping in transitional housing on the night of the count, bringing the total homeless count to 4,655.

Posted by Israel Bayer

3 responses to “Homeless group downtown begins to swell

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  2. i wonder if folks who have never been bereft of safe space could ever truly appreciate the miracle that this represents to those who have?
    its moments like this where i see ……people and groups responding and creating alternative solutions in tangible concrete ways to problems that the system is incapable of dealing with that make our commitment to social justice and creating change — worthwhile. so proud of every single individual who contributed to this !

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