Mission Statement: Street Roots creates income opportunities for people experiencing homelessness and poverty by producing a newspaper and other media that are catalysts for individual and social change.

In 2010, Street Roots helped house more than 50 individuals and prevent more than 250 individuals from experiencing homelessness through the stability of the newspaper.We also worked with more than 400 individuals in the Portland region to improve their quality of life.

We’ve connected thousands of people to critical resources with the Rose City Resource Guide and delivered Portlanders a unique brand of investigative journalism and voices from the community, including the streets.

2010 Awards: Street Roots brought home three first place prizes from the Society of Professional Journalists.

Street Roots is proud members of the North American Street Newspaper Association, the International Network of Street Papers and the Society of Professional Journalists in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

The organization is also members of the Western Regional Advocacy Project and the Oregon Opportunity Network.

It’s your support that makes us go! Please support the Street Roots cause today!

3 responses to “About/Mission

  1. I recently went to work here volunteering at the free dining facility on Third in Eureka. I have run across your paper looking for information on free camping for the homeless. The reason I’m writing is tha I had an idea We could get similar papers from other markets and open a homeless news stand. This would be a way to gain visibility for the homeless problem. And whoever is going to fight us on this and everything else because we all know ” You can’t do anything for these people” might as well start here. There is a small square in the bohemian part of town where they offer carriage rides and during the day an attractive young lady sets upsome small tables of jewlry similar to the way they do it on Telegraph Avenue in Berkekey. We could set up a chair in the opposite corner. You never know till you try, and then you go from there. You guys are doing a great job. What you’re is important. That which you do the least of you you do for a higher power. Keep the faith!

  2. so why not ask the owners of that one block to let you set up a whole homeless help open air market ? that one block where the owners were allowing people to camp in downtown area but were told they couldn’t by the city i think. the whole open space could be a homeless people’s selling spot for all kinds of homeless vendors and those that really do help homeless in pdx. Free or sliding scale space rent etc. according to income. Or just altogether free and people have to qualify by being homeless or low income or a known proven benefit outfit for homeless.

  3. I like to help at the soup kitchen. After work I’d like to take a shower. There’s one right there. I can’t use it however because someone else (not the soup kitchen) is in charge of it. Our inability to share and share alike is turning us into rubble.

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