Give to SR!

CLick here to Support Street Roots with a one-time or recurring donation today!

This year your support will help Street Roots:

— Help more than 400 individuals experiencing homelessness and poverty get a hand up through the sales of the newspaper.

— Support our award-winning journalism and publishing voices from those experiencing poverty and community voices.

— Support the Street Roots Rose City Resource Guide, which is distributed to more than 200 organizations and institutions.

— Support our advocacy efforts to support and empower people experiencing homelessness and poverty throughout the region.

Street Roots is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and your donation is tax-deductible.

Donate stock: Street Roots has opened an account with a national stock brokerage. You can now easily and quickly donate appreciated stock to Street Roots, without fees.

If you donate stock that has grown in value beyond what it cost, you may be able to deduct the full appreciated value on your state and federal returns. (Of course we aren’t able or allowed to give you tax advice, so please contact your tax preparer to be sure you are in a position to benefit from the deduction.)

Donating stock to Street Roots is easy. Just call Bruce Anderson, Street Roots’ board vice-chair, at (503) 381-1378 or send to him at to get our account number and other contact information. Then, by signing the proper forms, you request your broker to electronically transfer the funds.

This is a great way to help Street Roots. Gifts of any size will benefit vendors and help sustain the health of the organization.

3 responses to “Give to SR!

  1. Pingback: Housing programs and Street Roots team up to support vendors « For those who can’t afford free speech

  2. Glad to already be a donor to SR. Thanks so much for alerting me about the TANF atrocity-in-the-making. Isn’t it something that we always have billions for banks and bombers, but can’t take care of our neighbors in need? Well, that’s “free” enterprise for you…

  3. Your vendors are doing amazing work and I’m glad to help.

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