SR launches sidewalk/panhandling poster campaign for downtown services, businesses

In conjunction with the new Street Roots Rose City Resource release, Street Roots is launching a poster campaign to target individuals experiencing homelessness and poverty on the streets who panhandle. We are distributing posters (16 x 20, 8.5 x 11) to downtown service agencies and businesses for their windows to help encourage kindness and respect among people outside asking for change.

Street Roots knows that the issue of panhandling is a reality in our community, and one that needs to be met with a more original approach. Street Roots has covered sidewalk issues concerning people experiencing homelessness for more than a decade, and believes that the only way to address the issue is to be proactive and experiment with out of the box projects that will encourage tolerance and respect among both the general public and individuals begging for change. Our hope is that through the poster campaign, we can help educate panhandlers in a way that targets behavior and asks people to have both respect and courtesy on Portland’s sidewalks. (Posters are below.)

Posted by Israel Bayer

2 responses to “SR launches sidewalk/panhandling poster campaign for downtown services, businesses

  1. thelittleprincessofiris

    I thought SR was (originally) all about ending street begging by creating an alternative. Why not recruit them to become a Street Root instead?

  2. SR is an alternative to panhandling, and we do recruit people who spange to be vendors, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

    We built this campaign w/the hopes that panhandlers, and SR vendors could co-exist along w/businesses, petitioners, and the general public that shares the sidewalk.

    – Israel Bayer

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