Poetry Tuesday: Untitled

by Norm Santana

Felt kinda sorry
For the dude
Even though it
Was amusing in
It’s own way
He was screaming and
Kicking this parking meter
As if it were a guy
Who stole his coat
Or something
He said:
“you don’t get it man
This bitch owes me”
He screamed as I
Turned around and
Walked away:
“hundreds! Thousands
Of dollars! Years! Years
Of paying these things!
All I need is eighty cents!
And I want it now!”
He was still screaming when I turned the corner

2 responses to “Poetry Tuesday: Untitled

  1. powerful words.

  2. We have Poets Rally on July 22, A post is to be put up on July 21, welcome join us.

    Check out my blog for details.

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