Memorial service set for Jack Dale Collins

Jack Dale Collins
Feb. 20, 1952 – March 22, 2010

Jack Dale Collins, 58, died after being shot by a Portland police officer. The officer involved in his death responded to ‘a call of an unwanted person at the Hoyt Arboretum who was yelling at people.’ The crime scene diagram shows an x-acto knife and four shell casings.  His death was ruled a homicide by the medical examiner. No criminal wrong doing was found by the grand jury who heard the case.

Jack, also known as Jackie or Old Man Jackie Collins, lived on the streets of Portland for over twenty years. He was known as a private man who was often on the move.  People who knew him for years still knew very little about his life. He was estranged from his family.  He was said to be a peaceful individual and to have significant survival skills. He experienced addiction and mental illness and at times engaged in self-harm by cutting.

Jack was liked by those who knew him. He seems to have conducted himself with some grace and dignity.  He got through by his habit of staying out of the way. His loss has been felt by many who recognize the injustice of his alienation, struggles, and passing. He is survived by family members in Texas.

A memorial will be held Monday May 17th 4pm at St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, 1131 SE Oak, Portland. All are welcome.

Donations may be made to the mental health or social-service charity of your choice.

One response to “Memorial service set for Jack Dale Collins

  1. I spoke with James Nelson (Jimbo) yesterday. Here’s what he had to say.

    “Jack was a quiet, lonely old man. He liked to drink, and he liked to be alone. He was shy to the point of being timid, and he got kind of panicked when there was too much noise and commotion. He didn’t even like to stand up for himself. I’ve know him since the 80’s and I never saw him get violent or hurt someone. If he liked you, he’s give you the last drink from his bottle. How many alcoholics will do that? He didn’t deserve what happened, he never hurt anybody.”

    Submitted without comment (because I don’t think there is anything else to say)

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