Groups converge on San Francisco— and dance

Bus from L.A. full of folks from the streets.

Folks from L.A.

Dance party with individuals from around the West Coast in the Mission District.

Grammy nominee Ritmo y Armonía rocks the house down.

Organizers meet to go over logistics.

A group of from Street Spirit, Street Roots sister paper from Sacramento.

Bob Offer-Westort, Managing Editor with Street Sheet from San Francisco.

Members from the Portland group are staying at the Union Temple in San Francisco.

Good night and good luck.

Posted by Israel Bayer

3 responses to “Groups converge on San Francisco— and dance

  1. In the words of Elsie Fox “We, the people, must have solidarity…unity! The voice of action must be heard…by the people, for the people, from the people. We, the people, can take back our country! We can make a difference! We can win!”
    (Elsie Fox was the Office Manager of Local 6, ILWU in San Francisco for 26 1/2 years beginning in 1945.)

    Here’s to you all taking back our country today! I wish I was there; you are in my heart!

    Love and respect,
    Genny Nelson

  2. Thanks Genny!

    It was an amazing adventure and for anyone who went— I know the SR folks are still high on the experience. For many, it was the first road trip in a long time, for some two decades and many more hadn’t been to S.F. In my mind, it was the small things that made this a success. The protest, meeting w/Pelosi’s office was just icing on the cake.

    We have to work to do this on an annual basis. It is community building at its best. The connectedness of everyone and the bonds formed on this trip was living at it’s best, in every since of the word.

    Also, the entire Sisters team were rock stars. All of them were on the ball, kickin it live and creating an environment where we were all equal. For a week, although I had responsibility (a lot actually), I wasn’t an director, but just another part of the crew. It gave me energy that will last months, and that’s gold.

    – Israel Bayer

  3. I’m glad to see some action for housing. Wish I was more personally involved, and will be sometime….would have loved to go along, thoughts with all the best intentions!

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