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Neighborhoods grapple with remnants of the foreclosure crisis: empty homes

Foreclosed, vacant and boarded up, this house on North Buffalo Street is one of hundreds in post-foreclosure limbo across the city, housing advocates say. Photo by Ken Hawkins

By Amanda Waldroupe, Staff Writer

The house at 1310 N. Buffalo St. has been vacant and boarded up for four years.

It’s last owner died in 2008. The house was left to the man’s family, but he had become estranged from them. Not wanting anything to do with him, even in death, they didn’t want to keep the house.

Perhaps they could have sold it. But their deceased family member had taken out a large loan on the house for renovations, one so large that the house was worth less than the loan amount after the recession caused property values to decline.

They decided to walk away from the house, sending it into foreclosure.

“Nobody blames them,” says Chris Duffy, president of the Arbor Lodge neighborhood association, where the house is located. “They simply wanted to let it go and have nothing to do with it.” Continue reading