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Joe Anybody’s files tort claim for Police taking his camera

Posted Sept. 16, 2008

Mike Tabor, better known as Joe Anybody, has been documenting the streets for years with his video camera. He’s now suing the city to prompt a change in laws to end the police practice of confiscating cameras and stifling filming of police activities. He doesn’t want money or fame, he wants the citizenry to be able to monitor the police without fear of retaliation or punishment.

Here is Joe’s latest statement on his efforts.

By Joe Anybody

An update on the situation where ( i ) an independent media videographer (and average joe citizen) who filmed the police in downtown Portland, had his camera confiscated and was issued a ticket. The ticket based on ORS 165.540 was for illegally recording a conversation without consent. An hour later, they gave me back the camera complete with my tape. That was on March 25 2008.

Portland Indy Media link regarding this is here:

It was weeks later at court that I was told: “The charges were not being pursued by the DA at this time.” They said I should “check back-in, in a couple weeks”
I did and they were not pursuing it.

The fact of “no charges” is great, of course. Only now, I have to worry for two years that they “might change their minds.”
That is real comforting. (not)
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