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That’s what she said — a look back on some notable quotables from Street Roots interviews in 2010

What’s more important — losing the lawsuit, or saving someone’s life down the road? And their reaction, historically, is always the same: Let’s worry about the lawsuit and not worry about public safety. Not only is it short-sighted, it’s just wrong. That’s not what the community wants. This is what the Police Bureau wants, the lawyers, the politicians. And it’s so short term, the gain, to try to avoid a bad result in a lawsuit. They didn’t avoid, from their point of view, a bad result in the Chasse lawsuit by keeping the truth away from the public and by not disciplining the officers. That’s not what public safety should be about.”

—   Tom Steenson, Attorney for the Chasse family, “Chasse’s champion,” November 12. Continue reading

The unmitigated gall of cartoonist Ted Rall

In editorial cartoons and columns, he lambastes liberals and conservatives alike. His latest move? Calling for revolution. Now.

by: Rosette Royale, Street News Service

The funnies. Who doesn’t like the funnies? Probably the individuals who get skewered in them, the windbag-prone characters who suffer deflation at the hands of a talented cartoonist or illustrator. Chances are, many of the folks who find themselves in a Ted Rall cartoon wish they’d never gotten caught in his crosshairs.

An editorial cartoonist fond of characters with pointy noses and beady eyes, Rall knows how to lampoon society’s blowhards. Be they Democrat or Republican, progressive or conservative, CEOs or military commanders: In his hands, he highlights their foibles with a lacerating wit. Even Obama doesn’t get a break. And speaking of Obama…

Last year, Rall called for him to resign. Not in a cartoon, but in an editorial column. He’s also written cartoon blogs for the LA Times on the ongoing occupation in Afghanistan. All of which means he’s busy. But not busy enough that he didn’t find time to write a book: “The Anti-American Manifesto” (Seven Stories Press, $15.95) an unabashed call for another American revolution. The book is so tough, it might make a devout Buddhist give up meditation for confrontation.

But the thing is, when you meet Rall, he’s unexpectedly nice. On tour for his new book, we met at Elliott Bay Book Co. in Seattle before his reading We sat in the café where, in the span of roughly 25 minutes, Rall, a Pulitzer finalist for his cartoons, smiled as he let it fly: the Dems, the Republicans, the Tea Party, AIG, the Afghan National Police. He covered them all and then some, in the guise of saying: America, time to wake up!

Rosette Royale: You’re the author, most recently, of “The Anti-American Manifesto.” That’s a title. Continue reading