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‘Sounding the deeps of his nature’ — Remembering Ted Jack

By Israel Bayer, Staff Writer

Ted Jack was a simple man. He lived a very complex and hard life.

Born on a boat off the Alaskan coast into a youth spent in orphanages, Ted ran away from a world he would never speak about. He was all of eight years old. Learning how to look after his needs at a very young age and not to rely on others, Ted lived a life few human beings could ever imagine.

Ted did what many young men and women have done throughout the centuries when faced with surviving in the world without an education and a family safety net: He learned the life of a fisherman. Continue reading

Street Roots vendor, volunteer and tireless supporter Ted Jack heads to Alaska

Street Roots vendor, volunteer and supporter Ted Jack is headed north to take up fishing in Alaska after many years with the organization. We wish him well in his travels and hope to see him this way again soon. Ted’s involvement with the vendor program began with simply selling the paper, but he expanded his role as a front desk volunteer, cook and overall mentor for  the many vendors who pass through our office each year.

“To all the people who have supported me through the past years, I thank you,” Ted says. “I have sold Street Roots for five years and now it’s time for me to go. I will truly miss my corner on Second and Taylor. You people that support us at Street Roots truly are needed and appreciated. I’m moving out of state to begin a new chapter in my life. This last one was great. Thank you all.”

Vendor Ted Jack reels one in…

Vendor Ted Jack on Saturday on the Eastbank Esplanade.