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Help make Street Roots strong this summer!

Dear Street Roots supporters,

Volunteer Kaisa McCrow writes, “Street Roots motto is ‘for those who can’t afford free speech.’ The content and investigative journalism in the paper provides stories regarding marginalized communities, inequality, systemic abuses, addiction, etc. It brings clarity to political wranglings over budgets and often complex systems that are difficult for people to understand. The newspaper asks what the need is, and works to provide solutions for the general pubic, policy makers, and the non-profit community. Street Roots is also a platform for individuals to publish their voices through poems, editorials, and opinions. It connects the Portland community with each picture, heartfelt poem, and customized cartoon. If the investigative journalism of the paper uncovers the way people are being marginalized, the personal side of the paper reminds us that we are all human and together share in these experiences.”

But Street Roots takes it a step further. With our ear always to the ground, we’re listening to the problems and helping to forge solutions.

“Street Roots is playing a catalytic role in affordable housing policy at the city level. They have stepped into the leadership role and are bringing new voices, new partners, new energy and new ideas together in really exciting ways,” says Janet Byrd with Neighborhood Partnerships.

Real news from the streets

Some of those ideas have included groundbreaking reporting about healthcare and the homeless, specifically on traumatic injuries, post traumatic stress disorder, deaths on the streets, harm reduction models and mental health. The newspaper highlights important news stories with new and emerging ideas, ranging from the LBTQ and minority communities to immigrants and to veterans returning from foreign wars. We have taken on important legislative matters locally, in Salem, and around the United States.

With your help, we will continue to work towards using media to seek a future of both equality and justice for all — something we share as a collective responsibility in a healthy society.

Please give a one-time or recurring donation today!

or write 211 NW Davis, Portland, OR. 97209

Thank you for your consideration and support!


Israel Bayer

Executive Director

Street Roots

Mission: Street Roots creates income opportunities for people experiencing homelessness and poverty by publishing a newspaper that is a catalyst for individual and social change.

SRs supporters give 8k in the first week of fund drive!

SRsStreet Roots supporters have kicked in $8,000 dollars in the first week of the summer fund drive. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The organization needs to raise another $7,000 this summer to keep the train on the tracks and programs running smoothly. To find out more about the summer fund drive read the letter from the director.

Give now!

Listen to a Street Roots story.

Street Roots needs your help this summer!

Please support Street Roots!

SRsIt’s time for some truth telling. Street Roots is in a period of hard challenges in the months to come. Three years ago, the organization set out on an aggressive growth strategy that would boost the vendor program, improve and broaden the content of the newspaper and grow the organization in a way that would create systemic change in the community. Since 2006, the organization has done exactly that.

The vendor program for people experiencing homelessness and poverty has grown. The quality of the newspaper, specifically the journalism and a diverse range of community voices, including those on the streets, is at an all-time high. The Rose City Resource Guide transformed from a 4-page insert in the newspaper to a 104-page, 4×4 pocket guide and a state of the art web site connecting services to people most in need. The organization has led successful campaigns to secure homeless services in Portland and throughout the region, helped families maintain Section 8 housing and changed the conversation around homelessness and poverty.

Now we find ourselves at a crossroads. The organization is set to move into a new location in November in outer East Portland to expand the benefits of the vendor program to a growing homeless and low-income population on the eastside. We are working on developing the technology to bring the streets to the World Wide Web and are working to create a more timely and effective publication for readers and vendors alike.

All of this comes at a time when the economy has plummeted and the newspaper industry as a whole struggles to develop sustainable funding streams. It also comes at a time when homelessness is rapidly increasing and funding is drastically decreasing from foundations.

Street Roots is not a conventional social-service agency, so we don’t receive big government contracts or grants. Most foundations don’t fund media projects. While we pride ourselves on being outside the box, it’s true that often times we find ourselves on the outside looking in when it comes to institutional support for our programs.

We need your help now! Street Roots relies on individual donors and supporters in the community to survive. In theory, regular Street Roots readers give at least $26 dollars a year to their local neighborhood vendor. This act goes to support individuals experiencing homelessness and poverty with their day-to-day survival and increasing people’s quality of life. It also creates an atmosphere of relationship building across class lines that you simply aren’t going to find anywhere else in the city. We believe in believing in people, and your support and readership makes that a reality.

Saying that, Street Roots can’t support vendors and the relationships built with the community without having organizational support. It takes money to print and maintain a newspaper. And without a newspaper, there’s no vendor program. Both programs are tied at the hip. It also takes money to maintain a day-to-day space for vendors and people on the streets to gather in a safe environment and to have the supplies needed to support these efforts.

Street Roots needs to raise a humbling $15,000 in July and August to keep the train on the tracks. We’re not sounding alarm bells, but we are saying out loud that without your support we won’t be able to maintain at the level we are today in the coming months.

Your donation this summer will help Street Roots to:

– Get the news out to 10,000 readers every other week – covering the issues that affect real people every day

– Provide an income for 80 men and women experiencing homelessness and poverty in Portland

– Lead strategic campaigns that improve the quality of life for residents with the fewest resources

– Connect thousands of low-income residents with vital services through the Rose City Resource

 Street Roots always relies on community support. This summer it’s more important than ever. Thanks for giving what you can.

 Please give today! You can also make a check or money order out to Street Roots, 211 NW Davis, Portland, Oregon 97209. 


 Israel Bayer, Executive Director