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Oregon DOJ receives $1.9 million grant to combat violence against women

According to the Oregonian, Attorney General John Kroger announced today that the Oregon Department of Justice has been awarded a $1.9 million stimulus grant by the federal Office on Violence Against Women.

The grant’s purposes are to provide funds to nonprofits so they can hire new staff or keep hired victim service workers, and to fund efforts by local law enforcement agencies and courts to prosecute those who commit violence against women. The job creation element aligns with one of the key objectives of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Given recent patterns of violence and sexual assault against women on Portland’s streets (see Street Roots’ “Sending Out an S.O.S” for in-depth coverage), news of the federal funding should come as a timely relief to local agencies working to combat violence against women.

The Department of Justice will decide how to use the funds based on the requests it receives from agencies who apply for the grant funding. For more information on the application process and to apply, visithttp://www.doj.state.or.us/about/grants.shtml.

Posted by Rebecca Robinson

Extra! Extra!

march0609page1In like a lion, as they say – March as definitely arrived! Why not celebrate this weekend with the latest edition of Street Roots, hot off the press and in your neighborhood vendor’s hands on Friday morning. Here’s what you will be enjoying soon:

Are we stimulated yet? What will Portland really reap from the economic stimulus plan? That’s the question that a lot of people are still trying to answer, but there’s a lot more hope in the air, even if we haven’t yet seen the change. Joanne Zuhl and Rebecca Robinson report.

Mental health funds left behind in the recovery: Mara Grunbaum looks at the tempest brewing over proposed cuts to mental health funding, while local business and police seek a controversial tool to get people off the streets and committed for treatment.

Detroit’s fall lingers in its harsh winter: Writer Cassandra Koslen returned to her hometown of Detroit to find it dying under the weight of it’s own past.

Banding together: A profile of a few of the colorful buskers earning a buck with their music on Portland’s streets.

And you’ll get to know Nathan Junkin – your vendor at Third and Alder. Plus a whole lot more, overflowing from the pages of the new edition of Street Roots.

Posted by Joanne Zuhl