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Extra! Extra!

april0309page11It’s April, and you know what that means! Rain and general tomfoolery are in the air. So check in with your neighborhood vendor and share a laugh. It’s the best thing to beat back the grey skies. Here’s what’s hitting the corners tomorrow:

Guess which president is eyeing Portland for a new home? None other than former president George W. Bush has been seen cruising the west hills and making a few offers.

Homeless teams courted for new Major League Soccer stadium. Organizers of the Homeless World Cup, an international sensation, are talking with the owners of the new Major League Soccer stadium about hosting regular events featuring teams of homeless players from around the world.

City Council spinning over new chairs: Commissioners take the new plush design and ergonomic comfort to heart as they test out the swivel features. Schawing!

Secret lists are all the rage: How Spokane, Seattle and other cities are testing out the potential of keeping the law under wraps.

So much money, so little sense: Information and money are flowing as fast as glacial bureaucracies will allow. A stimulating read.

This, and so much more than could possible fit into 16 pages, and yet we did it again! Grab yours while the ink is still damp – and before it gets soggy! Your vendor will thank you.