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Right to Survive releases blueprints, continues to grow

A group of homeless people under the banner of “Right to Dream Too”  have shared with Street Roots blueprints for how they envision the plot on 4th and Burnside to be used. The blueprints layout how a series of tents and restrooms for people on the streets with a barrier around the property made up of doors.

Eight people began to set up shop yesterday (Oct. 10) in response to the lack of housing in Portland, and for a small group of people experiencing homelessness to have a safe and stable place to sleep. By this evening that group had swelled to more than 30 individuals.

“We’re out here because there is no place for people who have no place to sleep to sleep. So we want to bring in a good place where they can come and rest,” says Ibrahim Mubarak, one of the leaders of the small group and one of the founders of Dignity Village. Continue reading