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New federal guidelines for low-income housing cut out explicit tenant protections regarding bed bugs

By Amanda Waldroupe, Staff Writer

The Department of Housing and Urban Development’s new landlord guidelines for dealing with bed bug infestations have some tenant-rights advocates concerned that renters could be on the hook for costly exterminations.

The new guidelines were released in late April, replacing its prior notice that had been published in August. Continue reading

Low income housing funds in recovery bill in jeopardy

monopolycrop301Senate “moderates” of both parties have agreed on a list of cuts in the economic recovery bill. Reports from the Hill are that low income housing funds previously in the bill could be cut. Low income housing funds under threat are:
$5 billion for public housing modernization
$3.5 billion for HUD project-based assisted housing
$2 billion in Low Income Housing Tax Credit gap financing
$250 million for HOME

Very deep cuts in funding for other programs that would benefit people with low incomes are also projected to be on the chopping block. Call your senators to tell them that these funds must not be cut.

Posted by Israel Bayer