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Protesters say Gov’s cuts sending us ‘back to the 1970s’

About 200 people rallied at noon today to protest Gov. Ted Kulongoski’s budget cuts to human services, saying the cuts will have a devastating effect on the state’s most vulnerable populations.

The cuts, part of a $158 million slashed from the state’s Department of Human Services, includes major reductions to programs that help seniors and people with disabilities stay in their homes, and mental health programs and other services intended to help people live independent of institutions. (An in-depth look at the cuts is outlined in the current edition of Street Roots. Buy one from a vendor today!)

“With these cuts, we’re going back to the 1970s when I was first injured,” says Choi Marquardt, who neck was broken in a car accident when she was 15. “I was placed in a nursing home when I was 17.” (Photos after the cut.)

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Housing activists in Hennepin County take over sheriff’s office over foreclosures

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Group protests NW Natural’s plan to build pipeline

August 4, 2008

Rising Tide North America supported by 25 to 50 individuals camped out in front of NW Natural’s Second and Davis headquarters this afternoon, protesting the company’s proposal to build a liquefied natural gas pipeline through Oregon.

Three protesters are blocking the entrance to the building, demanding to talk to the CEO of NW Natural.

The group says NW Natural is planning to alter Oregon’s natural habitat by building the pipeline through the Colombia Estuary, across hundreds of Willamette Valley farms, and through the Mt. Hood National Forest.

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