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East Portland deserves a fresh look

It may not have the refinement of the Pearl or Boise neighborhoods, or the earthy vibrancy of the city’s downtown, or even the modern quaint feel of Northeast Portland’s creative districts. It isn’t blessed with the coveted shaded lanes of the inner Southwest or the views and real estate of the West Hills.

But East Portland is, without the benefit of any comparable government investment, the home of more and more working-class families, newly arriving immigrant communities, small businesses trying to make a go, and lower-income individuals who cannot afford the rest of the city. This isn’t where most eyes turn to when they think of the city of Portland’s development efforts or priorities, and that’s for good reason. It simply hasn’t garnered the same level of clout, or money, as other regions of the city, even though nearly one-third of the city’s population lives beyond 82nd Avenue. Continue reading