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SR vendor and Soapbox Under the Bridge spearhead community garden

By Cassandra Koslen, Contributing Writer

At first glance the recently-planted community garden at Peace Lutheran Church, 2201 N. Rosa Parks Way, is nothing special. The two long beds of dirt with plotted sprouts could be anywhere in Portland.

But this small start has its seeds from throughout the city, beginning with Street Roots vendor Rick Buck.

Every Wednesday at 6 p.m., Peace Lutheran hosts a dinner open to the community.  Joined by a new congregation who will be sharing their church, on June 15 the meal is full of renewed energy. Jerrie Johnston, church organizer, cook and council member, is beside herself.

“This is wonderful,” she says, cleaning up.  “I have to see.”

Outside on the church’s lawn, there are children playing.  Neighbors have wandered over to look at two long rows of elevated beds, almost completely planted. Mothers discuss which of the extra flats to take home and the best place to put them in their gardens. Continue reading

Vendor barbecue at Overlook Park

( July 13) Street Roots had a small barbecue with vendors and staff today at Overlook Park. It was great fun. Here’s a few of us around the water troft.

We ate lots of food, jammed to 92.3 classic rock, and played kick the ball in a circle.  Things got a little bit out of control when Eddy Barbosa showed up with water balloons.

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