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Home Again: The Admiral welcomes back displaced residents

By Amanda Waldroupe, Staff Writer

A chain link fence has enclosed the Admiral Park Apartments between SW Park Avenue and SW Taylor Street for the last 10 months, construction equipment and garbage chutes taking up the sidewalk and obscuring the former entrance of Taco Del Mar.

But beginning Saturday, May 22, different objects have surrounded the low income, 37-unit apartment complex: moving trucks.

The apartment complex has reopened after being closed in the spring of 2009 for rehabilitation, and 15 of the 37 tenants who were asked to move are coming home.

The rehab replaced the plumbing, electrical, and heating systems. The building was given a seismic upgrade, and repairs were made to the 100-year-old building’s siding and bricks. The carpet is new and the paint fresh. Walking around in the quiet apartment building, it is difficult to imagine that it ever had a bed bug problem. Continue reading