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It’s … it’s … Courtenay Hameister!

The host of Portland’s own Live Wire! Radio talks the ugly business of comedy, stagefright and mental health  — with a nod to the familiar freak inside us all

By Joanne Zuhl, Staff Writer

Courtenay Hameister has a great job. It just scares her a little.

Most of us know her as the host, head writer and associate producer Live Wire! Radio, on OPB radio Saturday nights. But Hameister is also a prolific essayist, writing humorous pieces for specific events or on random, but important observations, and she is perpetually working on compiling her essays and musings into a book. She helped write the successful and quirky “Road House the Play,” with creator Shelley McClendon, and created, with Marc Acito, the reading series “True Stories.” She has written and produced short films through the film collective Cinema Syndicate, and is a regular on the Cort and Fatboy podcast, on which, she admits, she ends up talking about sex a lot.

See? Great job.

And to listen to her, this font seems to flow effortlessly. Which, of course, is simply the polished veneer of a seasoned professional. Writing, for Hameister, is a kicking and screaming process, she says, and the creativity always needs to be fed. A typical meal is a combination of collaboration, deadlines and a morbid fear of being figuratively naked in front of 400 audience members come Saturday night, when Live Wire! comes to life.

 Joanne Zuhl: Speaking about being in front of 400 people naked, I’ve read about your stage fright. You still struggle with that?

Courtenay Hameister: Oh yeah — absolutely. Continue reading