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Homeless by bureaucracy

A Street Roots Editorial

JCherry-1-6Take a good look at these faces. They reflect the faces of today’s homeless population – right before they become homeless.

They are not the faces of people who are lazy, addicted or chose the streets. They are among the tens of thousands of the people who are working hard, right now, to get a solid footing during the most difficult economic conditions of our lifetimes.

They are not about to become homeless because they failed, but because they system they relied upon, the one they were directed to, failed them.

By July 1, the funding need to keep the family on page 8 in housing, to offset their disabilities while they recover, to keep their children in good schools and a stable environment, will disappear, as it will for 284 other recipients of Section 8 housing assistance in Clatsop, Columbia and Tillamook counties. The blame ricochets between the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development HUD and the Northwest Oregon Housing Authority, which distributes the Section 8 assistance to the poor, disabled and elderly in the three-county region.

But lost in the numbers game both agencies play, are the families that will pay with their lives.

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