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On the streets: A new kind of food cart

Staff reports

Central City Concern, the city’s largest low-income housing and social service organization, has partnered with My Street Grocery, a new mobile grocer, to bring affordable, healthy food directly to Central City Concern’s tenants.

The program launched Sept. 24, with its cart open for business at Northwest Broadway and Couch, near the majority of Central City Concern’s buildings. Continue reading

Talking food in the new world


By Mara Grunbaum
Staff Writer

What does the word “hunger” call to mind? A malnourished child in a third-world country? An unemployed man in a tattered coat standing in a Depression-era breadline? How about a mother working two jobs and struggling with obesity?
Though few Americans actually starve, more than one in ten experience what the government calls “food insecurity,” meaning they don’t always know where their meals will come from, or the food they do obtain isn’t nutritious enough to keep them healthy. Most of them are working parents, children, seniors or people with disabilities.

Joel Berg has been working to change that for decades. An activist since high school, he became interested in hunger issues as an Americorps volunteer. He worked as a policy analyst at the Progressive Policy Institute before joining the Clinton administration in 1993. For eight years, Berg held a variety of senior positions at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, where he led programs to improve community food security and increase food recovery and gleaning.

Since 2001, Berg has directed the New York City Coalition Against Hunger, which advocates for anti-hunger legislation and policy. In his recent book, All You Can Eat: How Hungry is America, Berg talks about the history of hunger in America, the policies that shape it now, and what we can do to fix it — for less than it’s costing us already.
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