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Human Library opens up the dialogue on difficult topics

By Terris Harned, Contributing Writer

Have you ever been reading a book or news article, or watching a documentary and found yourself wanting to ask a question of your own? Have you ever really wanted to know what was going on inside someone else’s head, but were afraid to ask? Well, that’s what Librarian Alison Kastner was hoping to help alleviate when she decided to coordinate Multnomah County Library’s adaptation of the Human Library project, “A Mile In Their Shoes.”

The idea is to take one curious audience, one person with a lifetime of experience to share, one host, and create a recipe for communication and understanding. Each session will involve a Q&A session with the host, Emily Harris of OPB’s “Think Out Loud,” and also an opportunity for questions from the crowd. People are encouraged to check out other human beings. Continue reading