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Vendor joins Street Roots board of directors

By Cole Merkel, Contributing Writer

With three years as a Street Roots vendor under his belt, Darren Alexander has been steadily building on a good thing. He has been selling at the Alberta Food Co-op since summer 2009 and over the past few years, has become a respected ambassador with Street Roots, always selling with a smile on his face, recruiting new vendors and spreading the word about the newspaper and the organization.

Now, Darren brings his perspective to the Street Roots board of directors, joining the nonprofit’s leadership in February. A self-described introvert, Alexander hopes to bring his experiences to the organization’s governing body as Street Roots moves into a new era.

“In my own unique way I can contribute to just making the paper better. If I have any ideas, I bring them to the table. As we transition into a new phase of the paper, I want to help make it better.” Continue reading