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We say no to Constitutional Amendment 79!

Street Roots, The Community Alliance of Tenants, JOIN and the Oregon Opportunity Network are all coming out against Measure 79.

Constitutional Amendment 79: Amends the Constitution: Prohibits real estate transfer taxes, fees, other assessments, except those operative on December 31, 2009.

Summary: Current statutory law prohibits a city, county, district, or other political subdivision or municipal corporation from imposing taxes or fees on the transfer of real estate (with certain exceptions). However, the state legislature has the authority, subject to Governor approval, to impose such taxes and fees or to change current statutory law.

“We do not want a private, national trade organization spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in our state to rewrite our constitution under the fog of false necessity,” says the Street Roots editorial team. “We have a statewide ban on real estate transfer taxes. We have a system that allows for the people of Oregon, our elected officials and due public process to both keep it that way and reserve the right to consider our options for the future. Likewise, real estate transfer fees are not the taxation boogie men they have been made out to be. They can be constructed to provide relief to first-time home buyers, lower-priced homes and long-term homeowners. And they can be directed to support real community needs, right here in Oregon, in ways that benefits all residents.”

Measure 79 isn’t something Oregon wants or needs.

To find out more about No on 79 go here. Also follow on Twitter and FaceBook.

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Crawling between Shasta and Weed, California

Chugging up the mountain w/the caravan


And then this happened.

Crawling to a stop


Chains time. Stephen from Community Alliance of Tenants knocks it out in nothing flat


Carlos from VOZ and Sisters Of The Road knocks out the other van

North meets South (Oregon): Housing activists come together in Ashland

More than a 100 Ashland residents came out tonight to listen to a panel talk on homelessness and the WRAP report.

 The event was sponsored by WRAP, Sisters Of The Road, Street Roots, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, The League of Women Voters, Congregational United Church of Christ, Oregon Action, Jobs with Justice, Peace House, Justice and Social Action of the Unitarian Fellowship and Citizens for Peace and Justice.

SR, Sisters along with members from the Community Alliance of Tenants are traveling to San Francisco to ask the Feds for adequate funding for affordable housing and to insure local city governments maintain the civil rights of individuals on the streets.

Also in attendence was State Representive Peter Buckley along with two Ashland City Council members. The group listened to a panel made up of reps from WRAP,  Sisters Of The Road and Oregon Action.

Group listens to panel discussion

A Channel 12 reporter from Ashland covers the event

WRAP poster is displayed at the event

State Rep. Peter Buckley from Ashland signs a petition

 Sign the petition, dammit.  

Also see Saturday Night Party,  Caravan of housing activist leave for San Francisco,and  On the Road. SR will be posting updates about the adventures all week here at the SR blog and at Change.org.

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