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It’s time to get a ballot in the hand of every citizen

By Henry Kraemer, Contributing Columnist

Democracy is a pretty miraculous thing: every few years in this country, we can pick up a pen, fill in a few bubbles and dictate our own future. Truly amazing when you consider that for most of human history, all our decisions were made for us by kings and what-not. When we started this regular-people-governing-ourselves thing 235 years ago, it was radically bold. One of the boldest ideas in the history of the world. And as our world changes, history mandates we stay bold — to powerfully affirm not just the right to vote, but the actual ability of all our citizens to do so. Oregon’s new National Voter Registration Compliance (NVRA) Council gives us an opportunity to do just that. Continue reading

Accessing your vote: Legislation may mean more access to voting in Oregon

By Jake Thomas, Contributing Writer

Voter turnout in Oregon could see an increase among low-income individuals, students and others around the state. With less than 10,000 people registering to vote through public assistance agencies, lawmakers and advocates are pushing for change.

“The number of people registering at (social service) agencies have been dropping like stones,” said Nicole Zeitler, director of public agency voter registration for Project Vote, a national organization that seeks to increase voting rates. Continue reading