Help us tell the #StreetRoots @StreetRoots story

Throughout the holiday season Street Roots is asking for your help in telling our story.

We’re asking readers and supporters to take photos and share stories about your relationship with Street Roots through social media. At the same time, Street Roots is going to be asking vendors what special moments they shared with customers and businesses over the past year.

How does it work?

We’re asking readers to tag Street Roots on Instagram, Twitter and FaceBook throughout the month of November.

For example, you find your partner or friend enjoying a cup of coffee and reading a Street Roots on a rainy Saturday morning? Post a pic on Instragram using the #StreetRoots hashtag. The next time you purchase a paper from your local neighborhood vendor, drop it on Twitter and tag @StreetRoots. Have a special story about an experience with a Street Roots vendor this past year, post your story on FaceBook and tag us in it.

We will take submissions from vendors and readers and publish them in the December edition of the newspaper.

Street Roots is working hard to marry technology and poverty in new ways. By taking part in this month-long project — all of Portland can help shape the story of Street Roots.

We sincerely appreciate you taking part in this project and sharing it with your peers.

#letsdothis @StreetRoots #StreetRoots

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