A note from a vendor…

Vendor Joey Ponzio is on his way back East to restore his life after experiencing homelessness the past year. This was a note he left Street Roots.

To my friends at Street Roots:

I will miss you all, and I’d like to thank Street Roots for the transformation of my life.

When there was no employment, Street Roots was there for me.  At first, when I started working, I was embarrassed to let people know me, see me selling papers. But then I realized there was nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact, I started taking pride in what I was doing and what Street Roots was doing for me.
Street Roots was restoring me, getting me back into the work force. And, with employment at Street Roots, I started feeling good about myself. I was making money and providing for myself again. I was proud of what I was doing and no longer ashamed.

In fact, I met some really good people while working for Street Roots: both customers and fellow employees.  There are too many to start naming.
Street Roots for me was shelter when I had none; employment when there was none; even a friend when there was no one.  I don’t know what I would have done if Street Roots wasn’t here or there!

Thanks to all of Street Roots. I will truly miss you all.

Joey Ponzio

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