All types of people — one community paper

Street Roots works hard to present the vendors and public with a great newspaper each issue. We work hard to present voices on a variety of issues that touch poverty. People ask me all of the time, what’s the focus of the newspaper? Does Street Roots work to present in the paper people experiencing homelessness, or is it more of a community newspaper? My answer is always the same — both.

Street Roots believes that the changing demographics and highly educated readership in Portland have created a public interested in a broad range of social justice issues. In each edition you will find poetry, artwork and sometimes opinion pieces from people on the streets. You will also find a range of investigative reporting on local issues that matter, as well as with interviews with musicians, authors, experts in a specific field and many others. We do our best to present local politics on issues that affect people experiencing poverty, and how policies and happenings will shape the lives of those we serve.

We also believe in coalition building and providing a platform for many individuals and organizations to communicate to a broader audience. Although we may not always be able to lead a specific campaign, we can provide an outlet for those who are working on issues ranging from equity to transportation to housing and homeless services.

When Street Roots can, we work hard to be leaders on the homeless and housing front. We aren’t shy about highlighting and giving voice to new ideas and to push local leaders and the broader community to think about issues in a different way.

The effects of poverty are constantly changing in our community. Everything is interconnected — from high unemployment rates to domestic violence to gang activity to how institutions respond to these issues. It all has an effect on our entire community. We dive deep into important issues and give people the opportunity to have a global view on issues that matter.

For new readers just being introduced to Street Roots, we welcome you to our pages and hope you can find the time to develop a relationship with a local vendor. For many of you who have been reading and supporting Street Roots for years, we hope you continue to enjoy what we produce and our path continues to offer you new and interesting ways to engage in the issue. We are also open to suggestions and would love the feedback. Visit us at or on Twitter and Facebook, where a lively discussion is always taken place.

Lastly, to find out more about Street Roots, visit our annual report in this edition. We sincerely appreciate your support, your readership and your engagement in this ongoing conversation. At Street Roots, we believe in humanity. We believe in you. Thanks for believing in us.

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