Extra! Extra!

The weekend is almost here, and that means there’s a hot new edition of Street Roots rolling on the press. Make sure to get your copy early, because they’re not going to be around long. Here’s what’s coming your way Friday morning:

 ‘Keep hope’: An exclusive street paper interview with the Dalai Lama: The Buddhist holy man talks about the nature of “home”, the responsibility of independent media and the relevance of Tibet after decades of struggle.

Peer pressure: A report on the work done by teen-agers and volunteers to create a court in order to keep youths out of the juvenile justice system.

People power against the powerful people: A peek at Wael Ghonim’s new book about his online influence to the Egyptian revolution.

Rod Beal: A new essay from writer Jay Thiemeyer about a journey with a man whose story paid the way. A compelling read!

Plus, the Bicycle Transportation Alliance sends a shout-out for future assistant ambassadors, along with poetry from our vendors and beyond. Don’t forget to tuck a buck for your friendly neighborhood vendor, and we’ll look forward to seeing you under the sun!

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