Are you interested in helping Street Roots?

Street Roots will be presenting a fundraiser in late May/June where individuals become team captains and create their own teams online. (Takes 5 minutes to set up, is super easy and we can help). Each team captain is then responsible for helping raise money for Street Roots (a little, or a lot!) — competing with other teams online. You can create your own team name, etc. Super fun!

Team captains and other members of the team can raise money by encouraging co-workers, friends, family, etc. to support their team by sharing their team url through social media, e-mail, etc. — encouraging people to give and to support your team.

We’re hoping to get some diverse individuals and interests competing to support the organization. And there will be prizes and a blow-out Street Roots barbecue  in June.

The event will last from Friday, May 25 to Thursday, June 21.

Please e-mail at if you are interested in creating a team.

Thanks for the consideration.


Israel Bayer

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