Street Roots gets it wrong, again

by Wrong Again, Rootie Tootie Fresh and Fruity News Service

Street Roots sent out a press release and apologized for all of the unfair reporting it has published in the last three April Fool’s editions of the newspaper. It also noted that the reporting in the other 25 editions of the paper each year may not be the best either.

“Sadly, they apologize and then just go out and did it again,” says one reader who was disturbed by all the blatant lies and assumptions in the publication.
One political insider says it’s important to note that most of the time Street Roots isn’t fair and balanced anyway, like most of the other media outlets in town. “It’s all just noise.”

A spokesperson from Multnomah County said they were just glad someone actually came and talked to them about anything they were doing. “Sure, they botched the story, but hey, it was a story,” said the  spokesperson.

Street Roots said next year they plan on roasting Beaverton instead of Portland, and will take aim at the suburban way of doing things.

“They have screwed up a lot of things over the years with their constant utopian vision about how downtown should be,” said one city hall staffer. “We don’t forgive them for it, we just ignore them most of the time and hope they’ll go away.”

“Frankly, I’m tired of it,” said one business official downtown. “Street Roots is so old news, like two weeks old.”

Street Roots produces an annual satirical edition of the newspaper each year on April 1. Support your local neighborhood vendor today and have a laugh on us.

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