Leonard’s legacy unknown, looking for a sign

by Loo Portland, Need to go Service

Winding down his term on city council, Commissioner Randy Leonard has proposed a new sign, his final salvo in the imaging business, to grace the West Hills.

It will say: “West Hills.”

The sign is the latest brainchild of Leonard, who helped create the expansive, neon “Portland, Oregon” sign at the west end of the Burnside Bridge. That sign replaced the “Made in Oregon” sign, and retains the “White Stag” from a previous sign.

Leonard also shepherded through the neon rose now glowing on top of what looks like a 1970s abandoned Crab Shack in Tom McCall Waterfront Park.

And Leonard himself has been the inspiration for a few impromptu signs downtown.

Leonard presented his proposal, which includes an artist’s rendering of a blue neon sign with a white outline glowing over Downtown Portland, to city council this past week.

“What the hell, Randy?” said Mayor Sam Adams, confused. “We don’t have money for this.”

With that, Leonard left the room and hasn’t been seen since.

Leonard was seen days later at a Portland Loo in the Pearl trying to convince residents that it was a nice public restroom, regardless what the neighborhood group had to say.

City Hall will be holding hearings on the “West Hills” sign tomorrow at 2p.m. in the Rose Room.

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