Extra! Extra!

The presses are rolling with the latest edition of Street Roots. Rain or shine — and who can predict these days — your friendly neighborhood vendor will stocked with the new issue early Friday morning. So don’t forget to pack a dollar for the best deal in town. Here’s what’s rolling now:

Manufacturing a new community: Is turning manufactured housing parks into resident-owned cooperatives the key to preserving Oregon’s largest stock of affordable housing?

In memoriam: A moving series of images from the funeral of Stevenson L. Roy, a homeless Vietnam veteran laid to rest in Portland with full military honors.

Families in need stretch Oregon’s safety net: The state’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program is beyond capacity, reaching it’s highest enrollment since the program began in 1997. But relief is nowhere in sight.

Portland Afoot is getting around: An interview with Michael Andersen, the man behind Portland Afoot, the city’s “10-minute” transportation magazine.

Plus, new commentaries by Mayor Sam Adams, Leo Rhodes, and the Western States Center, with a refreshing dose of poetry from the streets. It’s all coming your way Friday and still only $1! Thank you for your support!

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