Happy holidays from Street Roots. We appreciate your love!

Dear Street Rooters,

From all of us at Street Roots, we want to wish you a very happy holiday!

Vendors feel a sense of community year-round, but it’s at these times that your support of the vendor program goes above and beyond. Our vendors have been reporting just how kind you have been during the holiday season. We appreciate your love.

In the past week, three vendors received housing through the support of Street Roots and community organizations. Please take the time to read Charles Yost’s Vendor Profile, he is home after being homeless since 1979. You can also check out columnist Leo Rhodes, who is home in time for the holiday.

In the past year, SR has helped secure housing for people on the streets and prevented others from becoming homeless. We know how important the relationships built between vendors, businesses and readers are. We also know how important the newspaper has become for the community and a vehicle to deliver stories that you simply aren’t going to find anywhere else.

This year, we have delivered a special series and in-depth reporting on Traumatic Brain Injury and Asperger’s Syndrome. We have also been running interviews with local candidates for City Hall — giving you a perspective on how future leaders will represent our community on important poverty issues. We have featured the realities of HIV on the streets, given you budget policy analysis at a local and state level, covered the Occupy and grassroots homeless movements from the ground up and taken home an award for our on-going coverage of veterans and poverty.

We also distributed to more than 100,000 Rose City Resources to more than 200 organizations and agencies.

People on the streets who sell SR do extraordinary things to survive. The organization itself does extraordinary things with the resources we have through the newspaper, the vendor program, the Rose City Resource Guide and our advocacy work.

In order to make 2012 even better for Street Roots, we’re asking you this holiday season to do the extraordinary and to help SR remain strong and vibrant. We need your support more now than ever to create income opportunities for people experiencing homelessness and poverty. You donation, small or large, matters!

Please take the time to give a donation to SR and help us remain strong this holiday season.

We appreciate your love and guarantee your donation to go directly to changing lives in PDX!  To all of the people and families that have already given — Thank You!

Give to SR through the Willamette Week Give!Guide and get some great incentives in return! You can also give by writing a check and mailing to 211 NW Davis, Portland, OR. 97209.


Israel Bayer and the Street Roots crew…

2 responses to “Happy holidays from Street Roots. We appreciate your love!

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