Extra! Extra!

Hopefully, you have a little extra leisure time for the holiday weekend, which is a good thing, because Friday’s edition of Street Roots will be one to savor. Here’s a rundown of what’s rolling on the press right now:

Catching a snowflake: A photo story of Asperger’s Syndrome by photographer Leah Nash. This is the first in a five-part series in partnership with the Regional Arts & Culture Council to chronicle the lives of people living with the often misunderstood and extraordinary diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome. Look for the print edition features, along with online shows starting next week.

Eileen Brady: The grocery executive talks big bridges, urban renewal and creating jobs in her bid to become Portland’s next mayor. The latest in our series of interviews with local candidates.

Psychology in warfare, for better or worse: A Portland filmmaker looks at the military’s foray into mental health treatment in the field.

Federal cuts continue downward spiral on housing assistance: A report by the Western Regional Advocacy Project outlining the cuts in the works to the Department of Housing and Urban Development. More tough times lie ahead.

Plus, another insightful column from the Bicycle Transportation Alliance, a review of the book EcoMind and the potential in being a “possibilist,” plus poetry and artwork from the streets. The paper will be on the streets early Friday, so don’t forget to tuck a buck in your back pocket before you head out and save a smile for your friendly neighborhood vendor. Thank you!

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