Community to observe Day of Homelessness Awareness

Tuesday, Nov. 15, civic and religious leaders will join with congregations throughout Portland and Multnomah County to observe the second annual Day of Homelessness Awareness.

The Day of Homelessness Awareness aims to spotlight the challenge of homelessness in our community, to show appreciation for the many ways the faith community is already involved in supporting homeless people, and to engage even more congregations and members in the effort to end homelessness.

Of the nearly 5,000 individuals identified as homeless by the 2011 Point-in-Time Homelessness Survey, 1,331 represented homeless families with children and 458 homeless youth. There are more than 500 congregations in Portland alone, and almost 1,000 in Multnomah County. The faith community provides and underwrites all of the emergency shelter capacity for families in Multnomah County, in addition to supporting and caring for those who experience homelessness.

The day will begin with a “Walk of Awareness” at 7 a.m. on Nov. 15 at St. Andre Bessette Roman Catholic Parish (formerly the Downtown Chapel), West Burnside and Sixth Avenue. The walk will proceed to the new 13 Salmon Family Day Center at First Unitarian Church, 1011 SW 13th Ave., for a light reception.

Stops along the way will include the new Bud Clark Commons and O’Bryant Square. Both stops have connections to the faith community’s involvement in homelessness.  The Bud Clark Commons is home to Transition Projects. O’Bryant Square is the location of Potluck in the Park, a weekly meal provided free of charge that is strongly supported by congregations throughout Portland.

The walk will include three key “calls to action” for participants. The threefold call to action is structured around the theme of donate/volunteer/advocate. At three stops along the way, participants will be encouraged to donate coats and blankets or cash; volunteer with organizations that support people experiencing homelessness; and advocate on behalf of people experiencing poverty, hunger, and homelessness. Information on organizations and programs of advocacy at the local, state and national level will be provided.

One response to “Community to observe Day of Homelessness Awareness

  1. I think StreetRoots is an amazing insitution. I just wanted to pass this message on.

    This corresponds with the story in the Oregonian today about the asst. police chief corresponding with other cities and cooperating to collectively suppress the Occupy protests. Dissent is not being tolerated if it actually is considered likely to upset the social order.

    The reaction to this is already taking place, and the Occupation is moving towards an American Spring, with groups splitting off to conduct communication using cypher, stegonography and other methods, non-violently organizing for flash occupies, raids on group headquarters central to oppression and media displays of vast people power.

    The Military Industrial Complex is actually organizing to attack the poor, dressing in gear suitable for a Martian attack. They consider the people as flies.

    But the MIC is are vulnerable to the confusion of bicycles, the swooping of toy helicopters, paint sprays on their visors and slimy oil on the floor. They are vulnerable to taunting of their manhood, wesson oil on the bodies of protestors making them difficult to hold and handcuff.

    The command structure is vulnerable to onslaughts of emails, thousands of emails clogging systems and structures, confusions of forms and attachments, busy, business. Interference of radio systems, artificial messages, all of these will be the enemies of the MIC. Information noise is the enemy of a system with a confused structure.

    Sunday will be a huge day I believe, bigger than last weekend, where people will self-organize to create their own shift system, scattering to different centers. Maybe the federal reserve centers will be surrounded, where physical money is transferred to banks. Maybe the armored car centers where the transport systems originate from will be subject to blockage and the flow of cash to ATMS will dry up.

    No longer pinned down to the parks, the people are likely to travel far and wide in cohorts, like blood clots in a diseased circulatory system. They will no longer be vulnerable to the strategy of surround, exhaustion and rope. Operating on shifts groups will take different targets, blocking the gas stations that take the police credit card, blocking the entry to the ports. Bicyclists will spin around police stations while protestors dance.

    But the Occupy movement will stick to its essential convictions of non-violence

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