Occupy Portland, Jobs With Justice to bridge Portland, Vancouver

Occupy Portland activists say they will be joining with Jobs With Justice in a joint march across the Interstate 5 bridge tomorrow to “connect struggles on two sides of the river.”

Like similar marches, the event is being billed as Portland and Vancouver Rising in support of union campaigns and in defense of safety net services, including Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid programs. Those programs are all under the threat of cuts by the so-called Congressional “Super Committee” in Washington D.C. as it sorts out federal spending. In particular the event is pointing a finger at Wash. Sen. Patty Murray, co-chair of the committee, and demanding those programs be preserved intact. From the Jobs With Justice organizers:

“The times have been changing in the last weeks. The occupations of Wall St., Portland, and other places are highlighting the fact that there are plenty of resources in our society – it is just that the 1% is grabbing all this abundance for themselves. At the very least, we have enough resources for good jobs for all and an enhanced safety net! Join us! This is a great time to come out and help make the changes we need.”

People at Occupy Portland have said they intend to join the march in solidarity with people struggling with unemployment and homelessness. Staging for the march begins at 11 a.m. Here are the details from Jobs With Justice:

Portland meeting place: We will meet at the field just off of Northbound I-5 Exit 308. The field is on the East side of I-5, between the highway and Taco Bell. Parking is available on N. Jantzen Street. and other side streets. The #6 Tri-Met bus stops at N. Jantzen St.

– Esther Short Park is at West 6th and Esther Streets in Downtown Vancouver.

Posted by Joanne Zuhl


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