Extra! Extra!

Hot cocoa season has arrived, and nothing goes better with a cup of chocolate goodness than an engaging read. Your neighborhood Street Roots vendor has the answer with the latest edition of SR, packed with news, opinion and poetry like no other publication in the city. Here’s what will be waiting for you Friday morning:

Just what the legislature ordered: Oregon races the clock to restructure its low-income health care system to cut nearly a quarter of a billion dollars from its budget. Amanda Waldroupe reports on the new Oregon Health Plan delivery system.

The challenger: Mary Nolan, the only candidate challenging an incumbent in City Hall, wants to bring Oregon’s cultural and commercial hub into focus

The unlabeled man: An interview with Leon Rosselson, a singer, songwriter from the 60s still singing to the excluded.

Mental health and criminal justice: Penny wise and definitely foolish: Attorney Chris O’Connor writes from experience on the two and calls for a reform of how our courts process people with mental illnesses.

Plus, commentary from Western States Center and Jay Thiemeyer, and a perspective from the heart of Occupy Portland from Amanda Eckerson. And look for the latest Curbside, featuring the voices of people living on the streets, along with new poetry and artwork. So grab your Street Roots first thing Friday and you’ll be ready when that warm cup of cocoa is served. As always, send us your thoughts and opinions – we love to hear from our readers!

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