Extra! Extra!

The summer festival season is almost over, but every two weeks there’s always something to celebrate – the new edition of Street Roots! And it’s all yours for only a $1 donation. Here’s what we’re working on now:

All in good faith: A small nonprofit rooted in Oregon’s Muslim community has become an unexpected haven for families in need. Stacy Brownhill interviews the president of the Islamic Social Services of Oregon State.

Poverty figures unlikely to change course anytime soon: U.S. Census figures do not bode well for people in poverty, whose ranks have risen to their highest since 1993. Voices from the front lines give their views.

‘We will get justice … nothing will stop us’: Fifty years since the notorious drug thalidomide was banned in the United Kingdom, the company who produced the drug have yet to apologize for causing birth defects around the world. Campaigners are taking the fight to a German pharmaceutical giant in their pursuit for justice.

Settlement gives homeless campers time to move property. Oregon Department of Transportation now must give a 10-day notice on pending property removal on its right-of-ways, sparing homeless campers the loss of property.

Taking a long walk through the valley of homelessness. One man who knows the streets first hand is embarking on a 1,400-mile walk to chronicle the plight of the homeless.

Plus, commentaries from Mayor Sam Adams and Amanda Fritz, Environmental Justice Oregon, Western States, and the Community Action Partnership of Oregon. There’s also poetry, our new Curbside column, and the most challenging crosswords you’ll find this side of Pacific Ocean! So pick up your copy Friday morning and lend a smile to a vendor or two. It truly makes a difference!

One response to “Extra! Extra!

  1. pdxurbanoutdoorsman

    I just finished reading your article about ODOT providing a 10 day notice before removing belongings along their right of way. As usual, I am left in awe of the picture you paint of those living on the streets here in Portland. Until you are willing to provide an accurate definition of who the homeless are you will not be able to publish a credible paper. Just living outside does not make a person homeless. This person MUST be doing something to change the situation they are in to be considered “homeless”

    I personally have been camping on an ODOT right of way for over a year now without ever having my belongings removed once. Would you like to know how this is accomplished? It’s quite easy actually, I don’t leave my stuff there. I’m sure their are many who will tell of how they are “unable” to pack all of their belongings. Chances are this is really because they just have too much crap. One simple rule of living on the street is if you can’t carry it, you don’t need it.

    I’m sure many will say that is a cold hearted expectation. To those I would say it is a realistic expectation and one I have lived by for nearly three years now.

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