Street Roots honored by Portland’s Veterans For Peace

Leo Rhodes, (above) Street Roots vendor, board member and columnist, recently accepted an award from the Portland Chapter of Veterans For Peace for the paper’s ongoing work to raise awareness about veterans issues.

The award was given at during the Veterans For Peace National Convention held in Portland April 3-7. The Veterans For Peace conference drew around 400 people from across the country for a schedule of workshops, trainings and reflections on the movement.

Rhodes, himself a veteran who has been homeless, accepted the award and spoke briefly to the audience. The award recognizes Street Roots’ “sustained, candid and compassionate media coverage of veterans, the true cost of war, and justice for veterans and victims of war.”

Over the years, Street Roots has reported on homeless veterans and the personal consequences of war on Americans and people living in war ravaged countries. We’ve covered recruitment tactics within minority communities, the U.S. application of torture, and the long-term damage of battle related post-traumatic stress disorder and mental illness. More recently, Street Roots has produced a series of reports on traumatic brain injuries, including blasts from war zones, and their link to declining health and homelessness.

Posted by Joanne Zuhl

2 responses to “Street Roots honored by Portland’s Veterans For Peace

  1. Patty Dickerson

    Congrats ! Leo, Keep up the good work. Good to see them recognize you. Much love, Patty

  2. I was my pleasure. THANK YOU, STREET ROOTS for bring up this issue

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