SR director writes forward for new Write Around Portland book

Write Around Portland is set to release its 35th anthology titled Still the Days Grow Longer. The anthology includes writings from the 2011 writing workshop participants along with introductions from Jeana Eldelman, co-owner of HOTLIPS Pizza, and Street Roots Executive Director Israel Bayer.

“I’m a proud supporter of Write Around Portland, and honored to be able to write the forward to the new book Still the Days Grow Longer,” says Bayer. “The organization is an essential voice in our community that brings people together to write, and be published. The new book is beautiful.”

Write Around Portland runs community-building writing workshops for people who are living in poverty, dealing with illness, facing isolation or experiencing other barriers.

Portlanders can attend the up and coming reading from people published in the new book on Wednesday, May 25, 2011 at 6:30pm at Collins Hall in the back of the First United Methodist Church at 1838 SW Jefferson St. (Goose Hollow TriMet MAX stop).

Admission to the reading is free, but donations of any amount are accepted to support the work of Write Around Portland. ADA-accessible. Childcare available – please call ahead if you need it (503-796-9224). Anthologies will be available for purchase for $12.

You can also purchase the new book later in the week at Reading Frenzy and Powell’s downtown.

For more information about Write Around Portland, please visit us at

One response to “SR director writes forward for new Write Around Portland book

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