Extra! Extra!

It will be April 1 tomorrow, so be on your toes for those merry pranksters, looking to take advantage of your trusting ways! But you’ll never be steered wrong by your friendly neighborhood vendor, who will have the April 1 edition of the newspaper in their hands extra early tomorrow. Save the date!

Oh, Portlandia! Street Roots’ courtesy entertainment reporter Valeria Peacock interviews Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein about their hot project, and how they really feel about homelessness.

Mayor Sam Adams running in 2012? Street Roots has the inside scoop on Sam’s plans. You’ve got to see this…

Rep. David Wu’s strange haberdashery: More odd photos surface of the Congressman following reports of his unusual behavior.

The Japanese fallout: What the West Coast should brace for following the disaster in Japan.

Whither the weather? How all of us are feeling may go much deeper now that the sun seems to have left us for good.

That, plus much more news-like stuff and even a bit of fun thrown in for good measure. Get your copy before you head into work Friday, and don’t forget to send a smile to your neighborhood vendor. Thank you!

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