Extra! Extra!

A little rain hasn’t slowed down our vendors — or our readers, who have kept Street Roots’ circulation growing this past year. Your support is making a difference in the lives of many men and women working in our community. This Friday, a fresh edition rolls off the press and on to the streets. Here’s what’s coming:

Building a bigger tent: Street Roots Executive Director Israel Bayer joined Commissioner Nick Fish and other county business and program representatives on a tour of Seattle housing and homeless programs. In this interview, Fish talks about the lessons learned there and here in Portland, as the city grapples with impending budget constraints and a struggling economy.

Proposed budget cuts: Amanda Waldroupe breaks down the federal plans to slash and burn a host of programs that help the poor, disabled and elderly, and what it could mean for Oregonians.

Postmortem for the left: A talk with Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Chris Hedges on “Death of the Liberal Class”

Wrench Raiders lends a hand to homeless cyclists: Vendor Terris Harned interviews C.J. Speelman about a unique program offering bicycle maintenance to the homeless who rely on their bikes for mobility and independence.

Plus, commentaries from The Bicycle Transportation Alliance on meshing business development and transportation, and from Police Officer Robert Pickett on the defense training that police employ when faced with danger. All that, plus more news, poetry and artwork from the streets. Send a buck and smile your vendor’s way and you’ll have a great start to the weekend. Thank you!

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