Seattle councilmen tour Dignity Village

Seattle Councilman Nick Licata, left, speaks with Dignity Village member Scott Layman inside of the common room during a tour of Dignity Village Friday, March 4. Licata was joined by fellow council members Sally Bagshaw and Tom Rasmussen. Seattle is considering recreating a similar agreement for tent cities residents in Seattle. For more than a decade, Dignity Village has worked with the city as a transitional housing option for people working to move out of homelessness.

Above, Seattle Councilmen Sally Bagshaw, left, and Nick Licata, right, take photographs of the structures at Dignity Village during a tour given by villager Scott Layman, center. Photos by Amiran White.

Seattle Councilwoman Sally Bagshaw blogged about the visit to Dignity.

One response to “Seattle councilmen tour Dignity Village

  1. Humberto Oramas

    How come Portland made this work but we in Victoria, B.C. can’t get our politicians onside? Seems that the West Coasters in the U.S. are more progressive than we Canadians.

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