Extra! Extra!

You’ve made it through the week, or close enough, so now it’s time to begin planning for a few moments all to yourself and the newest edition of Street Roots. It rolls off the press Friday morning and will be in the hands of your trusted neighborhood vendor bright and early. Here’s what’s headed your way:

Positive in Poverty: Caring for HIV and AIDS patients becomes even more perilous on the edge of the streets. A report by Amanda Waldroupe.

Facts and politics in the war on AIDS: A fascinating interview with Vancouver’s Dr. Julio Montaner, former president of the International AIDS Society who is racing against political ignorance to find a solution to the spread of HIV.

Community service cuts could prove costly to Oregon: AmeriCorps and Senior Corps are among the major networks of volunteers on the budget chopping block, but members say it’s a penny-wise and pound foolish proposal.

Trying to cut a fare deal with Trimet: An interview with Joseph Santos-Lyons with OPAL about talks to extend transfer times and even attract more riders to public transportation.

Plus more news, commentary and poetry than previously thought possible! Past editions have been selling out, so get your copy of Street Roots today!

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