Extra! Extra!

Chase away the winter blahs with a hot chocolate and an even hotter edition of Street Roots! We’re at the press with 16 pages of news, commentary and poetry, all delivered by your friendly neighborhood vendor first thing Friday morning. Here’s what coming:

One nation, under lock and key: An interview with lawyer Michelle Alexander, author of  “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Color Blindness, who calls for new a social movement to change the criminal justice system.

Life after foreclosure: An interview with Good Grief America founder Nancie Koerber, who talks about the Oregon’s movement to empower victims of the foreclosure crisis together to fight back.

100 years after 1,000 homeless men: A century after a Chicago social worker chronicled the experiences and challenges of homeless men, her words still ring true.

Street Blues: Officer Robert Pickett busts the myths of police work perpetuated by Hollywood and beyond.

Healthy Streetbeat: The Bicycle Transportation Alliance delivers another great column about pedestrian use of public space, and how we can do better.

Old Town wants drug free zone restored: The Old Town Chinatown and Pearl neighborhoods are calling on Mayor Sam Adams to reinstated the controversial ordinance that was shot down three years ago over concerns of racial disparity and civil rights encroachments. Advocates, police, business owners and residents speak out.

All that and more, including a great vendor profile, commentary and poetry from the streets. Get your copy bright and early Friday morning and your weekend will be off to a great start. Thank you!

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