Extra! Extra!

More vendors than ever are selling Street Roots, so you’ll be seeing a few new faces out on the beat. Like all of our crew, they’re working hard to bring you the latest edition, which is on the press today. Here’s what’s coming your way Friday morning:

All the world’s a stage: Musicians and performers vie for attention in downtown Portland sidewalks. Now the city is looking at revisiting an aging agreement on how buskers and businesses can peaceably share the spotlight.

Sidewalk management clears sit-lie hurdles of years past: Nothing is perfect, but the ordinance in place seems to have quelled much of the fury over how we use our downtown sidewalks.

Health care, once — and for all: Dr. Margaret Flowers talks about the renewed campaign for single-payer health care coverage, even as Washington D.C. looks at gutting reform altogether

Street Roots 2010 Annual Report: A rundown of the past year, recognizing our vendors, volunteers and supporters who made 2010 remarkable.

Plus, commentary, poetry and opinion from the streets, with just a dash of weather forecasting from Soup Can Sam. Get yours Friday morning and your prep for the weekend will be complete!

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