Extra! Extra!

The season is on! Yeah, sure, the rain, but we’re talking about the Trail Blazers. They’re chewing up the boards again, giving us all something to cheer about. That other season is here as well, but your vendor will be keeping a Street Roots dry for you with a fresh edition ready for reading on Friday. Here’s a peak:

The education of Marcus Camby: Jules Boykoff interviews Trail Blazers’ Marcus Camby about his mission to help improve children’s lives. Camby talks about his passion for education and the inspirations in his life.

A fitting new beginning: Downtown Chapel’s new pastor, Father Steve Newton, tells of his journey from hitting bottom and coming back again.

Street Blues: Officer Robert Pickett returns to write about a police officers perspective on engaging people on the street.

Street Roots Online Auction catalogue: Four and a half pages packed with the great items on the block for great prices and a great cause! It’s a handy reference for that other season that’s upon us — the holidays!

Plus, commentary by the Mental Health Association of Portland on transgender care, prison life insights from Ruth Kovacs and great poetry from our vendors and community. Don’t wait! Get your copy of Street Roots Friday!

2 responses to “Extra! Extra!

  1. Oh SNAP! This edition looks hawt! Blazers on the cover…MHAP…Kovacs on the prison industrial complex…vendor poety…I’m super excited!!

  2. Your article titled “A fitting new beginning” by Joanne Zuhl about Fr. Steve Newton of Downtown Chapel was AWESOME! Thank you so much for Streetroots newspaper♥
    God Bless you all

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